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FANUC UK Open House 2021

Monday 1st – Friday 5th November 2021
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Building on the success of its first ever Open House in 2019, FANUC UK will be hosting a five-day exploration into the future of automation, between Monday 1st and Friday 5th November 2021.

Hosted in a COVID-secure environment at our UK headquarters at Ansty Park, Coventry, The Future of Automation Open House will host a series of talks, panel discussions and interviews with some of the leading lights in British industry, tackling the most pressing issues facing UK manufacturers:

  • Skills
  • The automation outlook for UK manufacturers
  • Digital transformation

We will also welcome an extensive array of exhibitors and partners from the across the world of automation. After such a challenging period for UK manufacturing, I personally look forward to welcoming you back.

Tom Bouchier
Tom Bouchier – Managing Director, FANUC UK

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  • Speak with industrial automation experts from many different organisations.
  • Learn how FANUC can help you on your own digital transformation journey
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What’s on?

The Future of Automation Open House will take place over five days, between Monday 1st – Friday 5th November.

Monday and Friday will provide guests with open opportunities to explore the facility and engage with those exhibiting. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will feature a series of themed talks, panel discussions and interviews tackling UK manufacturing’s most pressing challenges, with some of the leading lights in British Industry:

  • Tuesday –The automation outlook for UK manufacturers
  • Wednesday – Training & Education
  • Thursday – Digital transformation & IIoT

Visitors will also be able to see FANUC’s latest technology, including its world-leading range in industrial and collaborative robots, machine tools and plastic injection moulding machines, alongside a range of guest exhibitors and demonstrations, displaying a wide variety of automation applications.

Monday & Friday are open days without program

Tuesday - November 2
Wednesday - November 3
Thursday - November 4

Meet the speakers

Meet the speakers at this year’s Open House event.

Meet the exhibitors

The Future of Automation Open House will welcome in excess of 30 organisations from across the world of industrial automation.

Find out more about the companies exhibiting at the Future of Automation Open House in November 2021, below.

Take a look at our automation cells

Visitors to The Future of Automation Open House will be able to experience a broad range of real-world industrial automation systems, condensed into compact demonstration cells.

  • HALTER LoadAssistant

    The HALTER LoadAssistant is an easy-to-use CNC machine tending system with short set-up times for small and medium-sized batches. A smart and well-thought-out system, for any company and the operator does not need any knowledge about robots to operate the HALTER.
  • CyanTec Flexlase

    Hyperion Flexlase •High quality, compact, modular laser processing machine •Uses FANUC M20iB 6-axis robot, with interchangeable heads for high-quality welding, cutting, cleaning and marking •Combines characteristics of fibre fed solid state laser technology, together with high end processing optics
  • GOM ATOS Scanbox 4105

    Automated 3D measurement machine containing a FANUC Robot M20iA

  • FANUC X Rockwell Automation VR Suite

    A multi-product virtual environment offering the user the opportunity to view any FANUC product in 1:1 scale. The virtual environment has been built in Emulate3D and is viewed through a virtual reality headset creating a fully immersive experience in which the user can experience and interact with FANUC products.

    High speed pick and place demonstration utilising FANUC’s newest delta robot the DR3iB/8L and the FANUC SR6iA. Demonstrating the use of FANUC servomotors, iRVision and iRPicktool to show the line tracking capability of FANUC robots.
  • FANUC X Auto Tech Flexi-Tend

    The Flexi-Tend robotic modular machine tending system is designed to work with the complete range of Fanuc Robodrill CNC machining centres providing a low-cost solution for fast and reliable machine tending and load/unload capability. Designed to be simple and small in footprint, the system can be suppled with new Fanuc machines or retrofitted to older Robodrill systems to improve unmanned operation and deliver greater productivity.

  • MAZAK QTE-200 SG equipped with the Ez LOADER 10

    •Ez Operation – Just set workpieces and start operation •Ez Setup – Only 15 minutes required to integrate to a machine •Ez Custom – Easy to create original operation for all machining operations
  • Colchester Machine Tool Solutions Harrison Alpha 1400 XS Manual/CNC Flat bed Lathe

    The Harrison Alpha 1400 XS is a Manual/CNC flat bed lathe. The machine is based on our world renown flat bed centre lathe with an excellent reputation for accuracy, reliability, and longevity.
  • Cleveland Systems Cam Follower Pick and Place Sorting Cell

    Exhibition demo cell featuring the FANUC ER-4iA utilising a bespoke pick and place application and 3D Vision with a payload capacity of 4 KG and a reach of 550MM built within one single modular framework. Parts are picked from a tray and placed into specific nest dependent on the part type picked. This demonstration cell showcases Fanuc 3DV, allowing the robot to intelligently pick parts from a tray and place them into the nest using a bespoke electric gripper on the end of the robot.

  • Renishaw Equator Automated Gauging System

    The Equator gauging system enables process control by delivering highly repeatable, thermally insensitive, versatile and reprogrammable gauging to the shop floor. Come and see the equator gauging system in action.
  • Recycleye Prototype Delta Robot Picker

    Recycleye presents our prototype Delta robot picker, designed to pick up to 60 items per minute. This next generation robot in the Recycleye Robots solution provides faster, more accurate and traceable picking. Combining the Delta robot with the Recycleye Vision system means access to the world’s largest database of materials and packaging, giving accurate and reportable waste management data.
  • Renishaw Probing Solutions

    Renishaw provides solutions for tool setting, broken tool detection, component set-up, in-cycle gauging and first-off component inspection, with automatic offset updates. Renishaw will be showcasing a selection of Machine tool probing solutions and New Fanuc HMI probing software, as well as a demonstration on a Fanuc Robodrill machine.

  • Schmalz FXCB

    Vacuum area gripping system with integrated pneumatic vacuum generator and flow resistors
  • Third Dimension Vectro Whitegoods Demo Cell

    The cell features a Third Dimension ‘Vectro’ non-contact gauging system integrated with a CRX-10iA/L collaborative robot for the measurement and control of ‘gap and flush’ features on a domestic appliance. The custom Vectro plugin for the wireless TP provides drag and drop functionality for setup and programming of the system.
  • Schmalz ECBPi

    CobotPump for electrical vacuum generation for collaborative robots

  • Mills CNC Premier SYNERGi Automation Cell

    Mills CNC Premier SYNERGi automation cell will be demonstrating loading and unloading of components to a Doosan Lynx2600Y CNC lathe. Equipped with live tooling, sub spindle and 105mm Y axis stroke enabling lights out production from raw billet to finished part. Synergi software is powerful & user friendly.
  • Bauromat BAURO-MATE

    BAURO-MATE is a flexible automation solution that can be scaled to suit a variety of applications across a range of industries. Theis variation of BAURO-MATE on display features a vision system, quality Dopag sealant dispensing equipment and integrated conveyor system, but can easily be adapted to feature a turntable, hatch or drawer.
  • Cyber-Weld’s System 100

    Cyber-Weld’s System 100 – cost effective manual turntable robotic welder – 300kg / side – 6 axis FANUC arc mate – Single lift common base with forklift pockets – integrated into multiple power sources.

  • Rockwell Automation Dynamic Digital Twin Software

    Dynamic Digital Twin Software - Emulate3D™ digital twin software. See how your machine runs before parts are ordered. Discover controls issues before you go on site. And transport plant personnel to a virtual world where they can train on systems without consequence, predict future performance and simulate line changes.
  • Rockwell Automation Human Machine Interface

    Human Machine Interface (Visualization for Smart Manufacturing) Demo: Visualization and HMI solutions help you address your productivity, innovation, and globalization needs. Our portfolio provides a consistent look and feel for electronic operator interface terminals, distributed client/server HMI, and information software. Programming tools and advanced software applications include remote access and data analysis to accelerate development and improve efficiency.
  • Rockwell Automation MagneMover LITE Intelligent Conveyor System

    MagneMover LITE Intelligent Conveyor System (Demo): MagneMover® LITE is a smart, affordable transport system specifically designed to move light loads quickly and efficiently. It outperforms traditional belt and chain conveyors for in-machine applications and for applications with demanding motion requirements, delivering new levels of process optimization and throughput.

  • Robopod Automated Screwdriver Application with Fanuc SR6 SCARA robot

    A bespoke solution in a standard format, Robopod Screw provides the ultimate platform for your screwing application. Equipped with a Deprag automated driver system and Fanuc robot, the Pod can then be configured with a rotary table, drawer system or through conveyor giving complete flexibility for standalone or integrated operation.
  • Solent Collaborative Palletiser

    The collaborative palletiser by Solent a cost effective, tried and tested solution, making end-of-line robotic automation attractive to producers of all sizes. It fills a gap in our wide range of end-of-line equipment. Having an efficient palletising system working in your production is crucial to allow operational success for businesses.
  • FANUC X Robopod iTend – Robodrill tending machine

    Fanuc i-Tend allows for a continuous feed of product to your Robodrill. Up to 6 trays of product can be loaded into the tray stacking system ready for presenting to the 6-axis robot for de-palletizing. This cost-effective tending cell increases the productivity of your machinery allowing for lights out operation.

How to find us

FANUC is located at Ansty Business Park; is the new home for technology and innovation in the heart of the UK’s transport hub with six motorway junctions within a 20 mile radius and direct access to junction 2 of the M6 approximately 4 miles north of Coventry.
Significant development has already been undertaken with occupiers including MTC, HTRC, AMTC, Sainsbury’s, FANUC, AVL, The London Taxi Company, IPG and Meggitt are currently on site.

Ansty Park’s location ensures it is accessible to staff and visitors from in and around the UK. Whether you are travelling by car, bus, train or air, there is always a route to Ansty Park at the Heart of England.

Address: Sapphire Way, Ansty Business Park CV7 9DR

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